Enemies - Is It Time Yet? Yes, Yes it is. It is a new kind of war. - Prep For War

In the following images you will see food storage, wealth storage and self defense implements. I have aquired these over a period of years. Some items are perishable and must be rotated. Some are nearly timeless and some are totally timeless.

How did I do this? Frankly, it was easy. You know the old saying: Good. Fast. cheap. Pick two. I picked good and cheap. So, it took some time. You may be out of time, so, unless you have alot of disposable income, you might have to pick good and fast.

I have aquired all these preps over a period of about 12 years. I started prepping heavy in 2009 when the economy crashed (from the 2008 repercussions). I realized that things could go to crap so I bought some shelving and started stacking.

My story is a bit different. I was already kind of a firearms enthusiast. I considered them valuable and a store of wealth, so, I found stuff I liked and would buy multiples. I am not going to spend too much time on how I prepped. I am going to spend time on how the beginner should prep. You've got no guns. You've got no food except your weekly stash that you get from the grocery store.

But, if you're starting out then go buy yourself a decent shotgun. $150 on the private market will get you something that will turn away most anything. 00 buckshot (.30 caliber balls) comes in either 9 or 12 ball loadings. Its mean out to about 50 yards. You don't need to buy 1000 rounds. Just a couple boxes. 50 rounds will be enough. Even if you just find a 12ga single barrel, break action, its WAY better than nothing. Coupled with 00 buckshot loads, any shotgun will mess you up. Even smaller stuff. 20ga and 410ga puts holes in things and make it hurt.

As far as food goes, I subscribe to the "store what you eat, eat what you store" process. This process makes it easy to "load up" on food. Just buy extra. You don't have to spend a lot. My wife does the shopping. I told her, when practical, if you guy a can of beans, buy two and put one on the shelf. Same thing for everything. Peanut butter... Cooking oil... Canned corn... Spam... All of it! I'm telling you, after a few months you'll be wondering where you're gonna put it all.

...and you don't just stack it. No, no! You "queue it". In other words you stack from the rear so whats up front, where you grab it to cook it or use it, is the oldest and what is in the back is the newest. You use off the front but replenish from the rear. In this way, you will keep using your oldest stuff. It might sound complicated but once you get into it, its a walk in the park.

In my opinion, one should start on a paralell course with food and self defense. As they say, "If you can't defend it, its not yours." You don't need anything fancy with food or firearms. A reliable 22lr semi-auto rifle is formidable. Even a lever or bolt gun will do in a pinch. I would recommend buying your first can of extra food and your first self defence firearm within a month of each other. The food took about 5 years for me to get the "full load" which is stacking it to full capacity. "Full Capacity" is stacking it as deep as possible so that as we consume it is not more than double its "Best By" date. Typically, the figure is 6 years. After about 6 years, canned veggies start to degrade. Their best by date will be about 3 years in the past.

Once you feel like you're on your way with the food storage, buy yourself a good pistol. I certainly have the firearms experience to guide you to what you should get, but, thats not what this article is for. Get a pistol. 9mm, 45. Surely you have a friend or two that is a gun guy (or gal). Ask them, they'll help you find what you need and get you a good deal. In most states that aren't on the left coasts you can buy used firearms from private individuals with no paperwork. If you're in a state that requires paperwork to buy from another private individual, thats a red flax. MOVE!

Silver and gold is simply wealth storage out of the reach of inflation, government and banksters. Once you get adequate food and defense that you've put a lot of thought and effort into, think about gold and silver in the same way. But, remember, like food and firearms, don't just buy precious metals. Diversification is your friend be it, food, firearms, fiat currency or precious metals. They key is to buy when you can. Instead of letting money lay around in a savings account waiting for inflation to eat it, buy some silver. You can but it in 1oz increments. With gold, you can buy in 1/10th ounce increments. Spend a few hundred on it when you can. Also, remember, the stuff is timeless. You can bury it and in 500 years, it will still be worth the same as it is now. In 1930, 10oz of gold would buy you a really nice used car. Guess what? In 2021, 10oz of gold (approximately $20,000) will buy you a really nice used car. In 1930, 10oz of gold was $200. If you had 200 paper $1 bills, you could have got them with 10 1oz gold coins. Today, they'd be worth $200. But, the 10, 1oz gold coins would be worth $20,000of todays dollars!!! Yes, this is how government and the banksters have screwed us. When you buy that gold or silver bar or coin, the screwing stops. Your wealth is secure.

1. Self Defense. If you can't protect it, you don't own it. Start with a good pump shotgun, add a good self defense pistol. 500 rounds for each is plenty.

These are always within reach:
From left: M&P 2.0 Longslide 9mms and Baofeng UV5R
Palmetto State Armory AR with binary triger.
Mossberg Shockwave loaded with 9 pellet 00 Buck.

2. Food. Start stacking in a "Store what you eat. Eat what you store." rotation pattern. Buy a can or two extra per week and keep it all in rotation.

Racks of food.

3. Finally, when you get #1 and #2 squared away, start taking your disposable income and putting it into investments. Precious metals are a great way to keep wealth, however, there is also stocks, bonds and crypto currency. Diversification is your friend. But, remember this: if the SHTF, the only thing that will be worth anything will be land, guns food and gold/silver.

The Safe:

The Safe, Opened. A few ounces of gold. 100s of ounces of silver:

One of Several Boxes of Silver with 2 1oz Gold Eagles on top.
This box has about 200oz of silver in it:

Enemies - Is It Time Yet? Yes, Yes it is. It is a new kind of war. - Prep For War